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The Didgey Truck is a 1956 Ford F-100 panel truck

The Didgey nickname has been in the family since I was about two years old.  My grandfather owned a 1956 Ford F-100 pick-up truck with an antenna for a two way radio mounted on the side of the cab.  My vocabulary was limited (I was two years old) so one day I asked about the "didgey switch" on the side of the truck.  From that day on the truck was known as "The Didgey Truck"  That explains my fondness for 1956 Ford trucks.  Now that I'm fiddling with old trucks I have decided to keep the memory of the original Didgey Truck alive.  The second version of the Didgey Truck is a customized panel version of Ford's most popular F-100.  It features the popular Plymouth Volare front suspension for a lowdown smooth ride up front.  The power comes from a mild Ford 429 cid engine backed up by Fords dependable C-6 automatic transmission.  The shiny objects connecting the truck to the BF Goodrich radials are original American Racing Torq Thrust wheels, 14x7's in the front and 15x8-1/2's in the back.  The interior features a lot of natural materials - wood, stainless steel, aluminum and leather.

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