Welcome to the Didgey Trucker's 1956 F-100 Panel Truck page.

This page is about the Didgey Truck.
This is an
artist's (me!) conception
of the
Didgey Truck.
This will be
the heart of
the Didgey Truck.
It's a
1968 460 cid with
Performer 460
intake & Holley 4V
C6 auto trans
with shift kit and
COBRA lettered
dress up items.

This is Gene Tidwell
hard at work installing
a Volare torsion bar
suspension under
the Didgey Truck.
Gene also set up
the chassis with
motor mounts for
the 460 engine and
a crossmember for
the C6 transmission.
This is the
Didgey Truck's
disc brake
rear end.  It's
a 1957 F-100 housing
that has been
shortened one inch.
I used two left axles from
a MK V disc brake
rear end and
re-drilled them with
a 5x4-1/2 inch
bolt pattern.
I will use a
set of vintage
American Racing
Torq Thrust wheels
with B.F.Goodrich
Radial T/A tires.
What does a Volare
suspension do for an
F-100?  It puts
the font end

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